Project: Mount Gordon, High Capacity Evaporator Design

Client: Birla, Mount Gordon, QLD

Completed: 2010

Project Description:

Environmental considerations at Birla Mount Gordon required the company to maintain certain water levels at site. Any overflow posed a contamination risk to the environment. Birla Mount Gordon decided to employ high capacity evaporators to maintain requisite water levels at site.

High capacity evaporators are designed to reduce water storage volumes on site by increasing losses through evaporation. Loss rate through airborne evaporation is expected to range between 55% and 95% depending on ambient conditions prevailing at any specific time. Evaporation from this area was expected to reduce the storage volumes on significantly.

Access Petrotec was trusted to carry out complete detailed engineering design of the de-watering project. Work included hydraulic modelling of the system, selection and specification of equipment, provision of procurement assistance and preparation of commissioning and operating procedures for the facilities.