Project: Kwinana Nickel Refinery, Piping Stress Review and Support

Client: BHP Billiton, Kwinana

Completed: 2011

Project Description:

A piping stress analysis was conducted to calculate the stresses in the pipe work between a pressure vessel and heat exchangers at BHP’s Kwinana Nickel Refinery and to check code compliance of the piping system.

BHP Billiton replaced Copper Boil Pot no. D2C-17 and D2C-18 during a copper boil outage in October 2011. During the project review, it was noticed that piping between Pressure Vessel D2C-36 and the heat exchangers located on the top deck of the structure was not properly supported and a local deformation was noticed around the flange to vessel connection.

In view of this, BHP Billiton appointed Access Petrotec as a consultant to perform an independent review of the stress analysis and implement the recommendations. The work performed entailed:

  • Piping stress review and support recommendations
  • Structural Integrity Analysis
  • Design of Stiffeners to address new loading