Project: NR2 North Rankin 2 Offshore Platform, Fire Water Pump Calculations

Client: Woodside Energy, Australia

Completed: 2011

Project Description:

Woodside needed to estimate the total time required for firewater to reach the heli-deck after the monitors at heli-deck are actuated. The start up time required for diesel engine driven firewater pumps contributes significantly to the overall time estimate.

Access Petrotec was appointed by Woodside to carry out the engineering calculations to ensure facilities receive firewater on time in the event of fire or emergency.

The results were presented to Woodside and utilized to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals.


Project Deliverables:

Access Petrotec carried out Start-Up time calculations and constructed the Dynamic HYSYS simulation model for the firewater pumping system (Rated Capacity 4075 m3/h @ 14 bar coupled to the 2.2 MW Diesel Engine with a 38m long line shaft pump for NR2 Offshore Development

Results from HYSYS Simulations were used to provide Woodside with the Start-Up time and secure regulatory approval.