Project: Kwinana Nickel Refinery, Water Pumps Upgrade

Client: BHP Billiton, Western Australia

Completed: November, 2012

Project Description:

BHP Nickel refinery in Kwinana purchased two demineralised (DM) water pumps in 2010 to replace the existing DM water pumps. The base frame of the new pumps did not fit the existing foundations. 
As a result BHP was about to embark upon demolishing the foundation and construct scaffolding to remove all the overhead pipework incurring significant construction and installation costs.

Access Petrotec took on the challenge to modify the existing baseplates to suit the existing foundation and carried out necessary calculations for Department of Mining and Petroleum to implement this innovative design, which resulted in significant project savings to BHP Billiton.

Access Petrotec oversaw the commissioning of the entire DM water Upgrade project in November 2012.