Project: Kwinana Nickel Refinery, Supply of Nickel Reduction Autoclaves

Client: BHP Billiton, Western Australia

Completed: May, 2017

Project Highlights:

  • Reduction of 25% in total cost of ownership to BHP Billiton
  • Engineering and equipment supply under one roof with reduced interface thus saving time
  • Fabrication tonnage of 66 tons for 2 off Autoclaves in Super Duplex Stainless Steel with 40 mm thick plates used in Shell and 45 mm thick plates used for the dished ends
  • Plates were imported from Outokumpu, Sweden and ArcelorMittal, France
  • Fabrication of the first Autoclave was completed in the record time of 5 months and the second followed 3 months later
  • Detailed Engineering design in Australia to ensure compliance with AS 1210 standards
  • Approval of WorkSafe and Department of Mines & Petroleum (DMP)
  • Fabrication at our facilities located in Baroda, India
  • Inspection by IMPEL Australia and BHP Billiton
  • Manufacturing documentation (MDR) in compliance with AS 1210 and AS 3990
  • Sea-transportation of 2 off (2.3m D x 9m L) vessels to Australia
  • Vessels ready to go for operation after arrival in Australia

Project Description:

BHP Billiton observed thinning of their H2C-8E Autoclave walls in July 2016. As a result the regulator insisted that the Autoclave should be replaced in the shortest possible time frame. Necessary financial approvals were in place by the end of August to place the order in first week of September 2016. BHP Billiton was looking forward to a cost effective fabricator who could fabricate this Autoclave in record time of 6 months.

Access Petrotec took up the challenge and delivered the fabricated and tested Autoclave in a record time of 5 months to BHP Billiton’s nominated freight forwarder in India. Later an additional Autoclave was added to the order for the expansion of their Kwinana Nickel Refinery. Due to urgency of the vessel, BHP Billiton deputed their resident engineer to our facilities for the duration of the project to ensure smooth delivery of the first Autoclave by the due date.

Project Deliverables

Access Petrotec carried out detailed engineering design in compliance with the latest AS 1210 standards. A third party verification was carried out to check Access Petrotec design calculations and then the design was registered with WorkSafe, Australia.

Access Petrotec air freighted 35 tons of Super Duplex plates and nozzle forgings from Europe and Korea to reach our fabrication facilities in Baroda, India in 3 weeks from the date of award and the factory worked day and night to deliver the first Autoclave in 5 months from the date of award with the second following 3 months later.

Manufacturing Data Records (MDR) of both vessels were prepared in compliance with AS 4458 and BHP Billiton Standards for registration with Department of Mine & Petroleum (DMP).

Final Inspection of Nickel Reduction Autoclave

Autoclave Packing & Preparation for Freight Transport