Project: Kwinana Acid Rail Terminal – Purgeless Split Flow Air Dryer Skid

Client: BHP, Coogee Chemicals, Kwinana

Completed: Dec, 2019

Project Highlights:

  • Engineering and equipment supply under one roof with reduced interface and thus saving in time.
  • All pressure vessels on skid ASME U-Stamp approved and compliant to AS1210 standards.
  • Access Petrotec conducted hazard calculations and arranged for third party design verification and registration with WorkSafe Australia.
  • Unique split flow and purge-less air dryer design with elimination of any emissions.
  • The air dryer and auxiliary components were all manufactured onto a skid for ease of use and transport.
  • Stainless steel cladding and aluminium wool insulation were applied to all surfaces exceeding 60⁰C.

Project Description:

BHP Billiton transports Sulfuric Acid from Kalgoorlie Nickel
Smelter to Coogee Chemicals in Kwinana via rail mounted
acid containers. These containers are unloaded at Coogee
Rail terminal via pneumatic air. This pneumatic air is
supplied by 2 CSX75 Sullair Air Compressors. There no was
dryer installed at Coogee Terminal resulting in the corrosion
of the Sulfuric Acid containers due to dilution of Sulfuric acid concentrate.

Access Petrotec simulated the mole fraction of water in fully
saturated air at 53°C and simulations reveal that 22.45kg/hr
of water would have to be removed from the air. Access
Petrotec supplied and commissioned the air dryer to remove
the required moisture from the air.

Project Deliverables

Detailed Engineering Design
Access Petrotec carried out detailed engineering design in compliance with AS1210 standards. Additionaly hazard calculations, third party design verification and registration with WorkSafe was completed by Access Petrotec.

Fabrication and Supply of Equipment
Fabrication of the skid mounted air dryer carried out at facilities in Faridabad (Delhi), India in compliance with ASME Sec VIII Div 1, S1210 and AS4458. A Siemens S7 200 Programmable Logic controller was also integrated with the skid.

Manufacturing Data Records (MDR) of the air dryer skid were prepared in compliance with AS1210 and AS4458.