Project: Nickel West Kalgoorlie, Air Compressor Supply

Client: BHP Billiton, Western Australia

Completed: July, 2015

Project Highlights:

  • Source and supply of seven air compressors, soft starter motors and logic controllers
  • Reduction in number of operating machines from twelve to eight resulting in additional housing space and reduced maintenance requirements
  • Elimination for the need of cooling water significantly reducing operating costs
  • FAT in China prior to dispatch

Project Description:

BHP Billiton’s Kalgoorlie Nickel Smelter facilities were operating old and deteriorating high and low pressure compressors for meeting plant air requirements.

These compressors were of obsolete design and were being maintained using inventories of parts, cannibalized machines from other mining operations and external second-hand suppliers. As such additional compressors were hired to keep the refinery operating.

The refineries high and low pressure systems were running inefficiently and significant maintenance had been required. The existing set-up of equipment was incurring significant costs for BHP in power and maintenance alone.

Project Deliverables

Access Petrotec carried out process calculations and assessed the existing compressor set-up at the refinery and supplied seven screw-type air compressors to meet the plants high and low pressure air requirements.

Access Petrotec also utilized the upgraded power infrastructure and integrated the supplied air compressors into the electrical system. Additionally the existing compressor housing was used to house the new compressors and exhaust air was diverted to increase air flow in the compressor house resulting in additional cost savings to BHP.

Manufacturing Data Records (MDR) for 7 off compressors prepared in compliance with AS1210 and AS3990 for registration with Department of Mines & Petroleum (DMP) and obtaining a license to operate from ADG inspectors.

Supply of Equipment

  • 7 total Screw type Air Compressors
  • Soft Starter Motors
  • High and Low Pressure System Controllers

Existing Old Compressors at Kalgoorlie Nickel West

New Replacement Compact Air Compressors