Access Petrotec Equipment Division

Access Equipment Solutions group provides tailor made equipment packages to the Oil and Gas, Mining and general industries. Our equipment group draws upon the design and engineering expertise of the engineering division to provide complete equipment solutions to our clients.

This unique blend of engineering and equipment manufacturing differentiates us from traditional equipment manufacturers and suppliers. It allows Access Petrotec to factor in the bigger picture of plant integration and how it impacts the overall performance of the facilities when proposing an equipment solution.

At Access Petrotec, client’s project specifications come first without any bias towards a specific brand.

Our equipment division has developed several equipment packages including:

  • Pressure Vessels for any application
  • Skid Mounted Process EquipmentPackages
  • Submersible Pumping Systems
  • Chemical Dosing Skids
  • Air Compressors and Dryers
  • Nitrogen Plants
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Lube Oil Skids