Control System Design and supply of control panels

Our equipment division creates innovative control system solutions for Oil & Gas, Mining and other Process Industries. The control system plays an important role in the controlling, monitoring and safe operation of your facilities.

Our experienced staff will design a state of art control system ideally suited to your applications.

Our discussions start at early stages of the facility design so that we can create an integrated control system that meets your requirements. Our areas of expertise include:

Plant Automation Panels


Access Petrotec integrates various types of control panels for plant Automation and Control. The range includes Control panels for central control room, mimic panels, annunciation panels, DCS consoles etc. We design, select and supply complete instrumentation solutions including indicators, controllers, recorders, annunciators and integrate them with plant process instrumentation in the field. We also supply DCS consoles for process industries. Some of our solutions include:

  • PLC Panel with SIMATIC S7-400H (HOT Stand-By) System for Process Plants.
  • Fault-tolerant/Hot-Standby Automation System to minimize the Risk of Production Failure for Continuous Process.
  • Event-based Synchronization of Hot-Standby CPUs.
  • High Expansion capability and ruggedness.
  • Redundant PROFIBUS Network to maximize the I/O Availability.
  • Latest WINCC SCADA for Plant Operation & Monitoring.
  • Open MODBUS facility for connecting system to Third Party devices

 Hazardous Area Panels


  • Ex-d, Flame proof Control Panels
    Flameproof panels are available for gas groups A, B, C, & D. Normally PLC based designs are selected to have minimum components and wiring. The MMI is accessed through flameproof buttons. These panels are normally used in refineries & petrochemical units
  • Ex-p, Purge ( Pressurized ) Control Panel
    Purge panels are available as per NFPA 496 standard type X, Y & Z purging schemes are provided.  Automatic as well as manual scavenging schemes are offered.  Panel is fabricated out of minimum 3 mm CRCA sheet. The panel normally comes in two compartments, viz electrical (purged), non electrical (not purged). Design ensures minimum leakage rate so purge air/gas consumption is minimum. Over pressure protection is also provided power off provision comes as default. 2 to 4 M3 clear volume is available for electrical. Flow and pressure measurement is perfect and reliable
  • Ex-i, Intrinsically Safe Control Panel
  • More and more of our clients are moving towards intrinsically safe panels and field instrumentation. We can integrate these panels using components specified from the client’s approved vendor list.

Wind Turbine control panels


  • Combine Panel for 350KW Wind Turbine (Stall Generator)
  • Bottom Panel for 600KW Wind Turbine (Hydraulic Pitching)
  • Bottom Panel for 600KW to 2100KW Wind Turbine (Servo Pitching System)
  • Pitch (Hub ) Panels 600KW-2100KW (Servo Pitching System)
  • Top Panels 600 KW-2100 KW (Servo Pitching System)
  • Reactive Power Compensation Panels up to 2100KW
  • Distribution Panels
  • Nacelle test Panels up to 2100 KW
  • Computerised system for Panel testing

Electrical Panels


  • Power and Lighting Distribution Boards: Lighting panels for distribution of power for lighting equipment’s from one or more incomers.
  • Motor Control Centres [MCC]: Non draw-out type MCC’s up to 2000 amps, 500 volts, certified for IP-55 and 50 KA short circuit test for 1 minute at CPRI, Bhopal.
  • Power Control Centre [PCC]: PCC’s up to 3000 amps, 500 volts AC are suitable for one incomer to 4 incomers for synchronized and isolated runs.
  • Power Factor Improvement Panel: Automatic power improvement panels with PLC and APFR relay system to maintain power factor and reduce electricity bills.
  • Starter Panels: Auto star-delta, DOL, autotransformer, DC motor starter and reduced voltage transformer starter panels

Transformer Test Panel


Computerised Test Panel for Transformer conducts automatically Open Circuit (OC) Test, Short Circuit (SC) Test, High Voltage Test, Temperature Rise Test and Winding Resistance Measurement test. It can test Transformers up to 700 Volts and 200 Amp Short Circuit current. The Test Bench is based on Siemens PLC and SCADA. It can store all specifications of Standard Transformers and can save any new specifications in recipient module. The reports are available in print format and can also be stored. The report can be retrieved based on unique Serial numbers. The total test time is 5 minutes for OC, SC, HV and IR tests. It can be used for single phase and three Phase transformers. It can also accept up to 3 isolated secondaries.