A wide range of Double Toggle Jaw Crushers (300mm x 175mm to 1500mm x 1200mm)

The Principle of crushing without rubbing.jaw-crusher-fig12

The production capacity of Access PetrotecJaw Crushers is considerably
higher than that of conventional crushers. The secret lies in the
principle of crushing without rubbing.In the conventional type double toggle crusher, the stone is
pushed upwards, as shown in Fig. 1 The stone rubs against the
jaws, consequently the wear is fast, the capacity is low and
power is wasted. The same is the case with conventional single
toggle crusher, but with further disadvantage of high bearing
pressures due to the stone being pushed up and down as
shown in Fig. 2.



The design of Access Petrotec Jaw Crusher ensures crushing by pressure
only, Fig. 3, below illustrates how the motion of the jaw plates
is squarely against the rock. The hinge pin H is located well
above and almost on the line AB passing through the centre of
the crushing zone. Every portion of the swing jaw S
follows the parts of arcs shown by arrows C and D, passing
squarely through the crushing zone. The stone is gripped firmly
and is crushed with minimum rubbing action. It means less
wear, less power consumption and more production.

Outstanding Features


Manufactured from steel plates and heavily ribbed in welded steel construction, to withstand heavy crushing and impact loads.

Jaw Plates

Manganese steel jaw plates last longer than any other, due to crushing without rubbing. Different types of jaw plates are available to suit particular crushing applications.


Automatic continuous splash lubrication, by positive gear pump for the bearing pitman and toggle mechanism, enables the crusher to run safely at relatively higher speeds.

Safety Device

In case of accidental overloads, the safety device disengages the driven pulley instantaneously which then runs only as a loose pulley. The machine is thereby protected against damage.

Shaft and Bearings

The high strength eccentric shaft of special steel is carried in self-aligned spherical roller bearings of ample capacity, which ensures smooth running.


Always in compression. It is very light in weight and has maximum load bearing capacity due to its unique design.


The crusher operates with a single lightweight flywheel, which also transmits power to the main shaft through the safety device. The crusher can be easily started with a normal duty squirrel cage motor.


Double toggles for even the smallest size crusher give better distribution of load. Well-designed compression springs provide cushioning to the toggle mechanism, eliminate knocks
and reduce the resultant wear.

Hinge Pin

Sturdy hinge pin of Carbon steel is located in correct relation to the crushing zone for crushing without rubbing.


A specially designed oil resistant flexible diaphragm seals the opening in the oil chamber and protects the toggle mechanism against dust.


The crusher requires minimum power as no power is wasted for the lifting of a heavy unbalanced jaw and other oscillating parts. Horsepower required is based on use of electric motors in normal condition. Petrol or diesel engine should be of approximately 15 to 25% higher capacity than electric motors with the rating adjustedfor losses due to altitude.

Capacity & Power Chart

Based on Bulk Density 100 lb/cu ftor 1600 kg/m3.

Typical Application

Black Trap



River Gravel


Blast Furnace Slag

Fused Alumina

Calcium Carbide

Chrome Ore



Iron Ore

Manganese Ore

Ores of Copper

Lead and Zinc

Quartz Quartizite


Ferro Alloys (Both Low Carbon & High Carbon Variety) such as Ferro Silicon

Ferro Manganese

Ferro Vanadium

Ferro Chrome

Ferro Tungsten

Ferro Molybdenum

  1. 1.     Capacity figures indicated in the chart are approximate and are based on bulk density of 100 lb/cu ft or 1600 kg/m3 with following assumptions.

Continuous regulated feed • Maximum lump size does not exceed 80% of the size of mouth opening • With standard jaw plates actual capacities will depend on the crushing
characteristics of the material.

Capacities indicated are for medium hard materials. While crushing harder materials, capacity figures are likely to change, consult Sayaji in that case.

2. For achieving cubical product from the crusher, usage of serrated jaw plates is recommended. While using serrated jaw plates capacity figures will be reduced.

3. All models have independent oil tank, oil pump with motor, flow switch and all accessories for continuous lubrication.

4. Independent oil lubrication system as above can be provided for these models at extra cost.

5. The table indicates standard models only. Special sizes of Jaw Crusher can be offered against specific requirement on demand.

6. In specific cases double flywheel design is adopted.