Single roll crushersare ideal primary breakers for crushing coal, medium-hard limestone, ores, etc. They can be built in large sizes to handle high capacities and run-of-mine large lumps.

Constructional Features

The rotor assembly is fitted with toothed crushing rings with special tooth profile to suit individual application.

The fixed member of the crusher is a comb-type breaker plate having teeth-like projections at the bottom.

The lower end of the breaker plate is supported by a spring unit that serves the dual purpose of safety against tramp iron and absorbing shocks.


Structural steel fabricated from heavy section/plates duly stiffened by ribs. The housing is in multiple sections with inspection doors for ease of maintenance.

Replaceable liner plates are fitted at the crushing zones.

Rotor Assembly

This consists of circular crushing rings of manganese-steel/wear-resistant steel having hexagonal bores mounted on fabricated hexagonal rotor body. The rings are clamped together through long studs. During replacement such rings can be easily slid out from the hexagonal rotor body by removing the studs in next to no time since no key fitment is involved. Though the rotor body is mounted on the rotor shaft with a key, dismantling is never required because the rotor assembly is completely covered by crushing rings, and thus not subject to wear and tear.

Breaker Plate

Structural steel fabricated from heavy section plates stiffened by ribs. The breaker plate is hinged at the top and supported through a spring unit at the bottom having comb teeth-like projections at the bottom, which are hard-faced by special electrodes of wear-resistant quality liner plates provided at the top of the breaker plate.

Shaft and Bearing

A high-strength alloy forged steel shaft is mounted on self-aligning spherical roller bearings.
Spherical roller bearings have taper sleeves for easy removal.

Gap Setting Arrangement

By moving the breaker plate through a specially designed spindle which ensures parallel movement and a uniform gap throughout the width without skew loading. Gap adjustment
can be carried out while the crusher is in operation.

Safety Device

The breaker plate is supported on a spring unit which deflects under excessive pressure when uncrushable material passes through. Spring pressure can be suitably adjusted without disturbing the gap setting. Also, a shear pin device is provided on the counter shaft pinion.


Power is transmitted from the motor by V-pulleybelts and then to a spur pinion on the counter shaft and a gear on the rotor shaft. The pinion is made from special alloy steel and the gear is cast steel for heavy-duty application.


Grease nipples are provided on all bearings and moving parts for manual greasing. Motorised or hand-operated centralised grease lubrication can also be provided.

Manufacturing Programme