Project: Fuel Storage and Refuelling Facilities for Hope Downs 4 Project

Client: Rio Tinto, Western Australia

Completed: February, 2014

Project Highlights:

  • Reduction of 30% cost owing to sourcing from Emerging markets
  • Carried out Fuel Storage and Distribution facilities design in compliance with Rio
  • Tinto Specifications and Australian Standards
  • Majority of Drafting in India but engineering checks carried out in Australia
  • Software Development in India under supervision of Australian team. Major savings
  • in Software development costs
  • Sourcing of Electronic components including PLCs from European, American and
  • Japanese manufacturers approved by Rio Tinto
  • Assembly of panels in India
  • FAT offered in Perth prior to despatch to site

Project Description:

Rio Tinto awarded Forge Group the contract for constructing Mine Buildings and Support Facilities for Rio Tinto’s Hope Downs 4 iron ore expansion project located 30km North West of Newman in Western Australia.

Forge Group subcontracted Process, Electrical and Control System Design to Access Petrotec and supply of complete Controls system and Field Instrumentation for Fuel Storage and Vehicle Refuelling facilities.

Project Deliverables

Detailed Engineering Design

Access Petrotec carried out detailed engineering design of Fuel Storage and Refuelling Facilities and provided following deliverables on the project:

  • Process Control Philosophy
  • Updating the P&IDs
  • Single Line Diagrams
  • Instrument Index
  • IO list
  • Termination Drawings
  • Control System Schematics
  • Control Panel Drawings
  • Control System Software
  • Commissioning Support
Supply of Equipment

Access Petrotec supplied the complete Control System, Field Instrumentation, Junction Boxes and Fuel Management Panels

  • Control System comprising of Modicon Quantum PLCs
  • Remote communication modules
  • Field JBs and Instrumentation
  • Smart Fill Fuel Management panels
  • Complete System Integration
Engineering Services during installation and Commissioning

Engineering Support services for installation and commissioning of control system for Hope Downs 4 included:

  • Modification of HMI screens to Rio Tinto requirements
  • Rearranging IOs in the panel
  • Implement changes in Process Control Philosophy as required by Rio Tinto

Fuel Bowser Panels

Marshalling boxes and JBs