Project: Apollo II Geismar Plant, Process Vessel Supply

Client: Honeywell, Louisiana, USA

Completed: September, 2015

Project Highlights:

  • Manufacture and Supply of 16 process vessels
  • Complete engineering design and calculations
  • Manufactured at our facilities in Baroda, India in accordance with ASME 8
  • Record completion time of 9 months

Project Description:

Honeywell USA is constructing a new Refrigerant plant in Louisiana. Access Petrotec was engaged to supply, manufacture, design and test a number of process vessels for the Geismar Apollo II project.

Project Deliverables

Access Petrotec was responsible for the engineering design work and any supporting mechanical calculations. After approval of the design and calculations, our facilities in India were put to work to fabricate the process vessels.

The vessels were fabricated and tested in accordance with ASME 8 and Honeywell technical requirements. Paint specification was also incorporated and applied prior to shipping.
All vessels had 100% radiography performed and underwent Hydrostatic Testing.