Access Petrotec is at the forefront of mine water management, delivering
sustainable outcomes for our clients across the resources industry. Our integrated water solutions address every element of the water cycle for your mining applications.

Identifying needs

Mine Water management continues to challenge the mine operators in Australia. Our clients are now subject to stringent environmental regulations and have voiced a need for a water related set of skills and experience in the mining environment.
We have successfully found mine dewatering solutions for both underground and open pit mines. We have provided engineering consultancy for mine water management
solutions to many clients across Australia. 
We offer a broad range of services covering feasibility studies, planning, design, project management, construction and Asset
Management services including operational optimisation.

Our services

  • Asset and facilities management
  • Bore fields
  • Detailed Engineering Design of Mining Dewatering facilities including equipment specification, Hydraulic simulation, option studies for mine lifecycle
  • Economic assessment of mine dewatering infrastructure
  • Distribution and reticulation networks and Storage
  • Electrical, mechanical and water supply
  • Connecting infrastructure
  • Water quality and treatment
  • Filtration and heavy metal separation
  • Irrigation and controls
  • Material technology and durability assessment
  • Project management
  • Pump stations, pipelines and network
  • Water recycling
  • Water risk management

Equipment Solutions

Access Petrotec’s Equipment Division offers a comprehensive range of Dewatering Equipment

  • A complete range of Mine Dewatering Pumps
  • High Capacity Evaporators
  • Irrigation nozzles
  • Filtration Equipment
  • Skid Mounted Water Treatment Packages

What to expect

You’ll be provided with best engineering talent to achieve the project success. We would like our engineers to be part of your engineering team to have seamless communication during design and development of all project management phases.

We understand all mine sites are different, and each mine will require unique engineering solution tailored for specific water quality and environmental constraints.