Project: Brine Injection Facilities for Gladstone LNG Project

Client: Santos, Western Australia (Consultant: GHD, Brisbane)

Completed: May, 2014

Project Highlights:

  • Supply of PLC Control Panels for Brine Injection Facilities
  • System Software Development
  • Detailed Engineering design for process control system
  • Support and supervision during Installation and Commissioning

Project Description:

The Roma coal seam gas field supplies gas to Gladstone LNG project. Coal seam wells at Emu Park are located at remote location and associated water with Coal Seam Methane needs to be treated through reverse osmosis and re-injected in the ground.

The Brine Injection Project involved development of appraisal injection facilities which may be replicated over a number of wells of wells in the Roma area for long term brine injection.

If the trials are successful, and regulatory approval is granted, the appraisal facilities will be upgraded to permanent facilities. Access Petrotec has been awarded the design and development of unmanned Process Control System which could be remotely controlled through satellite communication.

Project Deliverables

Detailed Engineering Design
Access Petrotec carried out detailed engineering design of the Process Control System for Brine Injection facilities and produced engineering deliverables for building the complete control System including Process Control Philosophy.

Fabrication and Supply of Equipment

Access Petrotec supplied the entire package for full integration of the complete control system.

  • Control System comprising of 2 off ROC 800 PLC based panels
  • Remote Communication Modules
  • Field Junction Boxes and Control Cables
  • Software development of entire control system

Engineering supervision and support services during Installation and Commissioning